KTP Associate - Software & Systems Developer@ Burnel University, London

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KTP Associate - Software & Systems Developer@ Burnel University, London

KTP Associate - Software & Systems Developer@ Burnel University, London

This exciting and challenging project is in partnership with Whole Systems Partnership Ltd based in Farnham, North Yorkshire.

This project aims to extend and develop the company’s portfolio of health-related modelling and simulation decision making/support services and enhance its reputation and brand-recognition, thereby increasing market share.

The successful candidate will need to demonstrate an ability to understand and communicate the impact of modelling and simulation decision support solutions on behaviours and local implementation in a public sector environment. As a key member of the project team you will be working on the development, implementation and dissemination of the company’s modelling and simulation framework.

This work will be based on prior research carried out by the academic supervisors. You will develop a prototype web-based modelling and simulation framework, and then carry out phases of evaluation, followed by pilot studies, leading to a market launch.

A key feature of this project will be the need for flexibility on the part of the Associate where their work base will include virtual team working with regular travel to Yorkshire and to clients across the UK and to Brunel University (London).

We are seeking someone with the following attributes:

  • An undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in computing or related-area with some web-based development element
  • Some experience of using mathematical and/or analytical skills to solve non-trivial problems
  • Experience in running computing projects with real world stakeholders
  • Excellent communicator [written and oral], and capable of working with stakeholders.
  • An ability to work to deadlines.
  • An ability to work in a mature and independent manner 

Closing Date 30th November 2011.

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