NZ Law Foundation Ethel Benjamin Scholarship, New Zealand

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NZ Law Foundation Ethel Benjamin Scholarship, New Zealand

In 1997 the Trustees of the New Zealand Law Foundation unanimously determined to mark the centenary of the admission of Ethel Benjamin as the first woman barrister and solicitor.

To that end they established this scholarship as a merit based award to outstanding women scholars.

To support post graduate research in Law that encompasses the wider objectives of the NZ Law Foundation, in particular research that will protect and promote the interests of the public in relation to legal matters in New Zealand.

A Scholarship may be awarded to any woman scholar who is:
A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
The holder of a New Zealand university law degree
(Unless there are exceptional circumstances the award would normally be made to candidates who have gained the qualifying degree within the past three years.)
Accepted into a post graduate course in law at either a New Zealand or an overseas university acceptable to the Selection Committee.

Scholarships may be awarded for :
Category A: study at a NZ university (up to $20,000); or
Category B: study at an overseas university (up to $50,000)

One or two scholarships may be awarded in any given year. Extra funds may be made available by the Foundation on the recommendation of the Selection Committee.


Scholarships are usually awarded for one year.


The scholarship may be held with any other bursary, scholarship, prize or fellowship unless the conditions of the other award(s) preclude it and provided that the grantors of the other scholarship(s) or prize(s) recognise the right and ability of the Foundation to publicise the successful scholar as a New Zealand Law Foundation Ethel Benjamin Scholarship winner for the particular year.

Payments shall be made in such a manner and on such conditions as shall be determined by the NZVCC. (Usually half the funds payable into a New Zealand bank account at the beginning of the study period, the balance payable after six months, subject to satisfactory progress reports from the scholar’s supervisor).
Conditions of emolument

May be held on such terms and conditions as the Selection Committee see fit.
Suspension or termination

The Selection Committee may at any time suspend or terminate any scholarship or forfeit such proportion of the scholarship emolument as it may determine, if it is satisfied that the scholar is not diligently pursuing the programme of research or advanced study or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions on which the scholarship was awarded.

The scholar must undertake to keep the Foundation informed at all times of progress and of any changes to study programmes with an interim report half way through the course and a final report within one month of conclusion of studies.
Foundation may request report

The Foundation or an administrative agent on behalf of the Foundation may at any time during the course of study request a progress report from the scholar’s supervisor or Head of Department.

Power to vary regulations

The Selection Committee may, if it thinks fit, relax or modify the application of any of these regulations in any special circumstances or in order to avoid substantial hardship to any scholar or candidate for a scholarship.

Candidates shall forward their applications to reach the Scholarships Officer at the university they are currently enrolled at or graduated from, by 1st March in the year for which the scholarship is awarded and in which it will be taken up.
Every application must be accompanied by:
a certified copy of the applicant’s academic record

a statement of the proposed programme of research or advanced study

proof of NZ citizenship or permanent residency

an example of legal writing (eg. essays, opinions, legal articles)

full particulars of any other bursaries, scholarships, prizes or fellowships which the applicant has applied for or been awarded

a budget proposal

names and addresses of two referees whom the applicant will organise to provide references direct to the Scholarship Office

a statement outlining how the candidate intends to disseminate the final research product

a good quality photograph – head and shoulders view

Note: Any grant of a scholarship will be conditional upon the successful applicant confirming enrolment for the approved course of study and at the approved university specified in her application. However the Selection Committee may at its discretion approve an alternative course of study or an alternative educational institution in circumstances where the first preference has not resulted in acceptance.

The selection committee will invite shortlisted candidates for an interview in April/May of each year. All reasonable expenses will be met by the NZ Law Foundation.
In selecting the successful candidate(s) the Committee will have regard to (among other things) scholastic ability, the nature of the intended research, its compatibility with the Foundation’s wider objectives, and the potential of the applicant to make a significant legal contribution to the New Zealand community in the future.
Constitution of Selection Committee

The award of every NZ Law Foundation Ethel Benjamin Scholarship shall be made by the Selection Committee constituted as follows:
Two Trustees of the NZ Law Foundation, or nominees
Two persons of academic distinction appointed by the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee, at least one of whom will be a professor of law.

Application Deadline 01/03/2011

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