Novel and Innovative Biochemical and Molecular Tools

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Novel and Innovative Biochemical and Molecular Tools

National training programme on

“Novel and Innovative Biochemical and Molecular Tools for Characterization of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms”

12th January – 1st February 2009

Organized by

National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms
(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
Kusmaur, Mau Nath Bhanjan, Uttar Pradesh 275 101

The training programme is designed to provide an insight of different novel and innovative approaches for microbial identification and characterization. The training will improve microbial identification skill of participants and familiarize the participants to biochemical and molecular characterization approaches, identification module of some agriculturally important microorganisms, bioinformatics tool for microbial diversity analysis and identification. The training will bring scientists and research workers at a common form to exchange experiences and will be helpful in upgrading research and teaching. Hands-on training will be provided on application and handling of PCR, DNA Sequencer, GLC, HPLC and Biolog (microbial identification system).

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