Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging Webinar

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Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging Webinar

Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging

Presenter: Nicholas Beavers, Applications Specialist with Media Cybernetics
January 8, 2009
Thursday, 10:30 am, (Pacific Time)

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Precise control and coordination of microscope optics, filters, stage, illumination, camera, incubator, pumps, and other devices is critical to the performance of any live cell study, particularly when quantitative analysis or deconvolution will be performed on the acquired image sets. In this educational live webinar, attendees will learn how to optimally set up an automated and semi-automated microscope for performing protocols such as:

* High speed fluorescence imaging
* Single-probe and multiple-probe fluorescence imaging
* 3D time-lapse of single and multiple fluorescence probes
* Time-lapse imaging of cells in multi-well plates
* Ratiometric imaging

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the software and hardware options available for performance of live cell fluorescence imaging applications.

Bring your questions to this live, interactive web-based seminar.

Provided free of charge, this webinar is sponsored by MAG, the Microimaging Applications Group. MAG is a group of imaging companies who work together to provide an unparalleled range of microimaging solutions to science and industry.

About the Presenter

Nicholas Beavers is an Applications Specialist with Media Cybernetics, providers of the InVivo, Image Pro and AutoQuant families of image acquisition, processing, and analysis software. Nick has extensive hands-on experience in the configuration and programming of complex image acquisition systems for performing quantitative live-cell studies.Pre-register for this webinar