In vivo mounting media

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In vivo mounting media

I am trying to fix cells in a type of mounting media to stop them from moving too much over long periods of photography.
We have a pressurised table which prevents serious movements, and vibrations. I am currently using a commercial mounting media, but still the cells float around a bit. I tried using a very low percentage of agarose (0.5%) but unfortunately it causes problems with scattered laser light creating a kind of back ground effect. Does anyone have some handy references or hints for something which would not fix the cells, but stop them from moving around, and which wouldnt be problematic around the 388 to 429 spectra? (I am using flurosecent proteins in this range) Cheers!

Guy Sovak
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I am using Vectorshield from Vector Laboratories.
It is a mounting medium for fluorescence that inclodes DAPI.
It is great the cells are not mooving, both Hella and BHK and 3T3 fibroblasts.
After mounting them I am sealing the cover glass with nail polish.