Proximity ligation assay

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Fraser Moss
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Proximity ligation assay

Does anyone have experience doing Proximity ligation assay (PLA) to detect interacting membrane proteins in neuronal tissue.

Any tips? pitfalls? any recommended protocols?

Here is a refernce to PLA for people who do not know what it is (

Olink Bioscience
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There are two publications

There are two publications (to my knowledge) on protein interactions in neuronal tissue; in retina Venkatesan et al. and in cornea Nakatsukasa et al. For a more general information about detecting interacting membrane proteins in tissue see the application note in Nature Methods. A potential problem with brain tissue is that it has high autofluorescence in itself that may disturb the vizualization of the PLA signals, but it will not interfere with the analysis.

To see how the PLA technology works see the animation on Olink's web site.