15th Biennial Winter Workshop in Psychoses

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15th Biennial Winter Workshop in Psychoses

15th Biennial Winter Workshop in Psychoses

15-18 November 2009
Co-Chairs: Prof Bernd Gallhofer (D) & Prof Eduard Vieta (E)                          


Conference News


 One third of delegate places booked
Over 120 posters already accepted



There will be FULL travel, accommodation and registration bursaries available to selected individuals. These bursaries will be made available from industry funding and the Winter Workshop Fund.

Anyone can apply for a bursary irrespective of position or location. Please click here to apply for a bursary. Applications will be processed as soon as possible.


Draft programme now available

The draft Winter Workshop in Psychoses 2009 programme is now available to view on-line.

Featuring four days of debates, lectures and discussions the conference features leading experts from across the globe.

The Winter Workshop will focus on a two-way interaction between experts and young researchers providing encouragement for young researchers to attend through the availability of low cost registration fees, an emphasis on poster sessions, tours and presentations and a relaxed after-dinner social programme.

Conference topics include:

  • Dissect genes for psychosis: Genes meet DSM IV
  • Tailoring Schizophrenia Treatment to the individual
  • Complexity, Heterogeneity, Overlap and Interdependence of Major Psychiatric Disorders
  • Culture and Psychoses
  • Early Intervention in Psychotic Disorders - Current Status and Future Challenges
  • Strategies when First Step Treatments Fail
  • Cognition and Memory
  • Acute and Persistent Effects of Cannabinoids - Implications for Psychotic Disorders
  • Emotional Dysfunction in Bipolar Disorders

Invited speakers include:

Prof. N Andreassen


Dr. C Haenschel


Prof. P McGuire


Dr. Park

Prof. J Angst


Dr. Hassall


Prof. A Malla


Prof. T Peters

Prof. C Arango


Dr. Henry


Dr. R Manchanda


Dr. G Perugi

Prof. S Bhattacharrya


Dr. J Houenou


Dr. J Mathieu


Prof. D Rujescu

Prof. L Bortolotti


Prof. J Kulkarni


Prof. I Melle


Prof. G Sachs

Prof. N Craddock


Dr. V Kumari


Prof. A Meyer-Lindenberg


Prof. D St Clair

Prof. J Deltito


Prof. O Lapshin


Prof. Munro


Dr. P J Weiden

Dr. M Di Forti


Prof. M Leboyer


Prof. R Murray


Prof. P Woodruffe

Dr. C D’Souza


Dr. E Leibenluft


Prof. A B Niculescu III


Dr. M Yücel

Prof. H Engels


Prof. R Licht


Dr. M Nordentoft



Prof. H Grunze


Dr. Lindon


Dr. M O’Donovan



View the draft programme now by clicking here.



Session highlight

The Winter Workshop Secretariat is delighted to announce the support of H Lundbeck A/S at this year’s conference.

H Lundbeck A/S has committed to support the conference as a gold sponsor - including the support of a 90 minute session in the programme entitled:
Tailoring Schizophrenia Treatment to the Individual
Chair: Prof A. Meyer-Lindenberg (D)


Neurogenetic parameters linked to treatment in schizophrenia
Prof. A. Meyer-Lindenberg (D)

Female schizophrenia – particularities for the pharmacological treatment
Prof. J. Kulkarni (AUS)

Pharmacogenetics in Schizophrenia
Dr. J. Munro (UK)


The Conference Committee and Secretariat are extremely grateful to H Lundbeck A/S for demonstrating its commitment to Continuing Medical Education.



Second Call for oral presentation, workshop session and poster abstracts
*Deadline extended to Friday 31 July 2009*

The Winter Workshop in Psychoses Secretariat is calling for oral presentation, workshop session and poster abstracts for the conference.

More than 400 posters are anticipated for the 2009 conference and by submitting a presentation or workshop abstract delegates can help to shape the conference programme.

Individuals and groups are invited to submit abstracts via the in-line submissions system. The deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended to Friday 31 July 2009.

Click here to find out more about submitting an abstract for the only international meeting focusing on Psychoses in 2009.

Submissions will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee - please see below for a list of the Scientific Committee members. 



Conference Background

In 2008 the originators of the Winter Workshop in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders stepped down from their chairing roles.

Professors Bernd Gallhofer and Eduard Vieta will chair the 2009 conference which will be called the Winter Workshop in Psychoses.

The conference is moving from Switzerland to the university town of Barcelona. 

Features of the New Winter Workshop in Psychoses

  • Programme driven by Advisory panel with Delegate Input
  • Cutting edge science through a variety of media - plenaries, poster tracks, workshops and debates
  • Expanded range of topics
  • Single Track Meeting
  • The only international meeting focusing on Psychoses in 2009
  • Online Discussion forum allows the delegates to contribute to the programme
  • >400 posters anticipated
  • Strong and diverse, and more importantly, a truly Global Advisory Panel
  • Not-for-profit meeting without links to any society - donations go to charitable medical causes
  • A long history and tradition of excellent quality meetings
  • Young Scientists encouraged to participate


 "We are honoured to accept the role of Co-Chair for the Winter Workshop in Psychoses 2009 conference.

We will endeavour to ensure that the conference continues its tradition of encouraging the presentation and discussion of cutting edge scientific discovery and debate"

Profs Gallhofer and Vieta

 New Website

Visit the Website:

  • For more information on the Programme Topics, Advisory Panel or Barcelona
  • To submit a Session/Oral Poster Presentation/Poster
  • To contribute to the programme development through the Online Discussion forum





 International Scientific Committee 2009

Committee Chairmen
Prof. B Gallhofer (D)

Prof. E Vieta (E)


International Scientific Advisory Committee - Schizophrenia

Prof. R Murray (UK)
Dr. M Travis (UK)

Prof. S Dollfus (F)
Prof. A Malla (Cd)

Prof. F Thibaut (F)
Prof. M Leboyer (F)

Prof. O Andreassen (Nw)
Dr. J Schwabe (D)

Prof. C Arango (E)
Prof. F Canas De Pas(E)

Prof. G Innocenti (I)
Prof. P McGuire (UK)

Dr. K Abel (UK)
Dr. M Agius (UK)

Dr. B Kirkpatrick (USA)
Dr. P Buckley (USA)

Prof. A Meyer-Lindenberg (D)
Prof. C Altamura (I)

Prof. D Rujescu (US)
Dr. D Osser (USA)

Prof. N Andreassen (US)
Prof. A Weizman (Is)

Dr. A A Bhand (Pak)
Prof. M Charles (UK)

Prof. C Corcoran (USA)
Prof. T Crow (UK)

Dr. C Dickey (USA)
Prof. H Engels (D)

Prof. I P Everall (USA)
Prof. L Farde (S)

Prof. B Gallhofer (D)
Prof. G Gambassi (I)

Prof. R Ganguli (Cd)
Prof. S Goldstein Ferber (Is)

Prof. E Hayden (Cd)
Prof. S Hirsch (UK)

Prof. B Ho (USA)
Prof. A Javed (Pak)

Prof. I Jones (US)
Prof. S Lawrie (UK)

Prof. R Linscott (NZ)
Prof. P McKenna (UK)

Prof. A B Niculescu III (USA)
Prof. I Melle (Nw)

Prof. D Noordsy (USA)
Prof. P Paez

Prof. A Pentaraki (UK)
Prof. A Ravindran (Cd)

Prof. E Richelson (USA)
Prof. R Roberts (USA)

Prof. R Stous (Is)
Prof. S Sundram (Aus)

Prof. J Thakore (Ir)
Prof. D Weintraub (USA)

Prof. P Woodruff (UK)


International Scientific Advisory Committee - Bipolar Disorders

Prof. J Angst (Ch)
Prof. H Akiskal (US)

Prof. H Grunze (D)
Prof. A Young (Cd)

Prof. R Licht (Dk)
Dr. G Perugi (I)

Prof. N Ferrier (UK)
Prof. A Martinez-Aran (E)

Dr. R D'Souza (Aus)
Prof. A Swann (US)

Prof. M Warrier (Ind)
Prof. J Del Tito (USA)

Dr. A Gonzalez-Pinto (E)
Dr. F Colom (E)

Prof. A Erfurth (A)
Prof. M Takeda (J)

Prof. V Syrstad (Nw)
Prof. P Udomratn (Th)

Prof. M Tohen (USA)
Prof. E Vieta (E)


International Scientific Advisory Committee - Neuropsychiatry

Prof. M Trimble (UK)
Prof. M Buschsbaum (USA)

Prof. E Joyce (UK)


International Scientific Advisory Committee - Mood Disorders

Prof. S Kasper (A)
Prof. M Figueira (Pg)

Prof. M Bernardo (E)
Prof. O Lapshin (Rus)


International Scientific Advisory Committee - Drug Induced Psychoses

Prof. M Gossop (UK)


International Scientific Advisory Committee - Genetics

Prof. D Blackwood (UK)
Prof. C Smith (USA)

Prof. R Strous (Is)



Further information

For more information about the Winter Workshop in Psychoses feel free to contact the organising team:

Russ Pendleton (Conference Director )
Madeleine Steele (Conference Manager)
Jane Wicks (Business Development Director)

+44 208 878 8289