4th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit

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4th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit

Now in its 4th year, Arrowhead's Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit continues to attract both academic and industry leaders from around the globe to discuss pain management, preclinical and clinical development of new pain therapeutics, regulatory issues, commercialization of new pain therapies and various other topics integral to the field of pain therapeutics.

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Dates: October 4-5, 2010
Web: www.paintherapeuticsummit.com
Phone: 1-312-244-3703
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Speakers Include:

Dr. Luca Benatti, CEO, Newron
Andy Billinton, Ph.D., Behavioral and Translational Pharmacology Leader, Pain, Neurosciences, GlaxoSmithKline
Jennifer Bolen, JD, Founder, The Legal Side of Pain (A division of the J. Bolen Group, LLC)
Theodore Cicero, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Anatomy & Neurobiology, Washington University in St. Louis
Michael Gold, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Anesthesiology, University of Pittsburgh
James R. Gorman, MD, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Medical Officer, BioAssets Development Corporation
David Hewitt, MD, Senior Director, Clinical Neuroscience, Merck & Co.
Gary W. Jay, MD, DAAPM, FAAPM, Senior Director, Clinical Disease Area Expert - Pain, Pfizer, Inc.
Hyungsuk Kim, DDS, Ph.D, Staff Scientist, NINR, National Institutes of Health
Jennifer Laird, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca R&D
Frédérique Menzaghi, Ph.D., Vice President Research & Development, Cara Therapeutics
Jeffrey S. Mogil, Ph.D., E.P. Taylor Chair in Pain Studies, Canada Research Chair in Genetics of Pain, McGill University
Patricia Richards, MD, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, QRx Pharma
William K. Schmidt, Ph.D., Vice President, CG Pharmaceuticals

Lynn R. Webster, MD, FACPM, FASAM, Medical Director and Founder, Lifetree Clinical Research & Pain Clinic, Director-At-Large, American Academy of Pain Medicine

Themes Include:

  • Regulatory hurdles in pain drug development
  • Animal models for pain drug discovery research
  • Clinical development models
  • Trial Designs
  • Abuse-deterrent opioids
  • Long-term opioid use
  • Next generation therapeutics for pain
  • Trends in pain drug development
  • Preclinical and clinical activity in pain space
  • FDA Update
  • Market direction of the field of pain therapeutics
  • Translational pain research
  • Competitive landscape
  • Mixing basic science, drug development and clinical practice
  • Discovery targets: TRPV, TRPA, TRPM8, NGF antagonists, Nav1.7, P2X4, P2X7
  • Abuse liability and safety (REMS)
  • Novel mechanisms of action for future pain therapies