Brain Awareness Week

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Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is an international effort organized by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives to advance public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. The Dana Alliance is joined in the campaign by partners in the United States and around the world, including medical and research organizations; patient advocacy groups; the National Institutes of Health, and other government agencies; service groups; hospitals and universities; K-12 schools; and professional organizations.

2008 Brain Awareness Week Summary Report
A report on the results of the 2008 BAW campaign, featuring highlights from the many innovative activities that took place internationally during BAW 2008 as well as photographs and event planning tips from BAW event organizers.

Registration for Partners
For more information about becoming a Brain Awareness Week partner, or to enroll your organization as a partner in the campaign, please visit our partner registration page.

Partners Only
Includes general information about the resources and services available to Brain Awareness Week partners and links to the online and printable forms for posting activities on the International Calendar of Events and for ordering publications and stickers.

2008 Progress Report on Brain Research
The 2008 Progress Report describes the top findings in brain research during 2007 affecting areas such as disorders of development, aging, and movement, as well as mental and thought disorders. This year’s report includes a special essay on deep brain stimulation by prominent neuroscientists Mahlon R. DeLong and Thomas Wichmann.

Neuroscience Education
Neuroscience Education focuses on educational outreach, with a special focus on students and teachers.

Partner Listing
View a listing of campaign partners, by institution type and geographical location, with links to their Web sites.

International Calendar of Events
Search for activities open to the public during Brain Awareness Week.

Community Outreach
Information to help you plan programs during Brain Awareness Week, including advice on finding a speaker, developing ideas for activities and events, and communicating neuroscience to the public.

Media Tools
Includes guidelines for reaching the press and sample press releases.

Download Brain Awareness Week logos, flyers, bookmarks, and a certificate of participation.

Download crossword puzzles, word scrambles, brain teasers, and word search puzzles for adults and children.

Education Resources
Educational resources for scientists, educators, and parents, including brain-related materials and links to organizations with sites offering valuable tools for home and classroom use.

Science Information
Includes links to the Dana Web site and the brain-related publications available through subscriptions from the Dana Press.

Press Information
Journalists seeking information about Brain Awareness Week can access the latest news releases.

Upcoming Brain Awareness Week Dates
March 16-22, 2009
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Jitendra Sinha
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I would like to inform the

I would like to inform the fellow scientists in the field of Neurosciences that if anyone wants to be a part of the awareness program or the initiative... then please do visit the webpage of IBRO for possible funding options.

Lets come together to spread the knowledge of the 'knowledge organ' i.e. brain...