The British Pharmaceutical Conference

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The British Pharmaceutical Conference

The British Pharmaceutical Conference (science)



Date: 6th - 9th September, 2009

Location: Manchester , United Kingdom

Clinical, Pharmaceutical - Conference

The British Pharmaceutical Conference (BPC) is the flagship event of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and will return to Manchester for four days (6-9 Sept 2009).

BPC 2009 will showcase a new dedicated two-day pharmacy practice conference followed by a new three-day science conference. Science@BPC is firmly focused on the diagnosis and treatment of disease and our theme is - Technologies for healthcare. Along with a number of specialist sessions, the conference will feature innovations in discovery, delivery and diagnostics aimed at three key diseases: cancer, infectious diseases and diabetes; diseases which continue to severely limit the potential of the human race, claiming millions of victims every single year.

Knowledge is vital in tackling these devastating illnesses and Science@BPC aims to give delegates a preview of the necessary technology tools for tomorrow. This is an event that every scientist and healthcare professional working in the field really cannot afford to miss. There are opportunities for oral and poster presentations and so please submit your abstract no later than Friday 13th March 2009 to



Please check with the organiser to ensure that this event will be taking place
and that it is not oversubscribed before committing to travel arrangements etc.