Evolution of Brain, Behaviour & Intelligence (School)

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Evolution of Brain, Behaviour & Intelligence (School)

In this bicentennial year of Charles Darwin’s birth, the principles underlying the origins and evolution of nervous systems and their emergent behaviours remain a central question in biology. This meeting brings together international speakers addressing a broad range of approaches to the evolution of brain and behaviour. Research on many species from simple unicellular animals, invertebrates and vertebrates, including modern humans and neandertals will be presented. The program spans genes to behaviour through the latest applications of genomics and functional genomics and new behavioural and anatomical technologies. Students and postdocs are strongly encouraged to attend and present their work. A special lecture from the Dr. James Moore, the biographer of Charles Darwin will be a highlight of the meeting.
Lucy Criddle - Wellcome Trust Scientific Conference Programme, UK

Seth Grant - Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Nicky Clayton - Unversity of Cambridge, UK
Svanti Paabo - Max-Planck-Institute, Germany
Wellcome Trust Conference Centre,
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus,
Hinxton, Cambridge,
CB10 1RQ

+44 (01223) 495000