Pain Therapeutics

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Pain Therapeutics

Pain Therapeutics
This is the 9th annual Pain Therapeutics Conference run by SMi
8th to 9th June 2009, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, United Kingdom.



This years conference will be a great platform to explore new discoveries in pain therapeutics targeting neuropathic pain in chronic pain management and for our speakers to share case studies in this area and further discuss a way forward to overcoming challenges in developing and administering pain therapeutics.
The programme wil?reflect and hopefully exceed the expectations brought upon by previous years? conferences.

Why should you attend this event?

  • A Lesson From Abbott-TRP Channels As Targets For Pain Relief
  • Learn Form Astellas-Lost In Translation: Preclinical Outcome Measures And Human Experimental Trials In Pain Research
  • Discover From Imperial College London-Advances In Translational Strategies For Chronic Neuropathic Pain
  • Learn How Pfizer -Target Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels For Pain Therapy

Hear keynote addresses from:

  • Tony Priestley, Associate Director, CNS Biological Research, Schering ?plough Laboratories
  • Aldemar Degroot, PhD Scientist, Exploratory Development Department, Astellas


Our expert speaker line-up also includes:

  • Dr Linda Surh, Director, CEDD Global Regulatory Affairs, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Dr Praveen Anand, Professor of Clinical Neurology, Imperial College London
  • Keith Bley, Senior Vice President, Nonclinical R&D, NeurogesX Inc
  • Dr Steve England, Associate Research Fellow, Discovery Biology, Pfizer
  • Paul Passier, Scientist, Exploratory Development Department, Astellas
  • Dr Neelima Khairatkar-Joshi, Vice President, Biological Research, Glenmark Research Centre
  • Dr Arthur Gomtsyan, Associate Research Fellow, Abbot
  • Dr Roland Kozlowski, CEO, Lectus Therapeutics Limited
  • Uri Herzberg, Research Fellow, Center for Biomaterials and Advanced Technologies, Johnson & Johnson
  • Odd-Geir Berge, DDS, PhD, Adj Prof, Senior Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca
  • Daniel Ursu, Senior Scientist, Eli Lilly & Company

Who should attend?
VPs, Managers, Heads, Directors and Associates from the areas of:

  • Pain research
  • Neuroscience drug discovery
  • Pain management
  • Senior Therapeutics and Pain Management Leaders
  • Clinical development-research
  • Business development-licensing
  • Drug delivery
  • Alliance management?
  • Academic institutions
  • Consultancies
  • Pain management devices
  • Investment banks and venture capitalist firms