Sporadic Neurodegeneration - Genes, Environment and Therapeutic Strategies

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Sporadic Neurodegeneration - Genes, Environment and Therapeutic Strategies

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Genes, Environment and Therapeutic Strategies

july 31-august 01, 2008
boston, massachusetts, usa


Much progress has been made in identifying genes involved in familial, or inherited, forms of different neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Although the majority of these disease cases are sporadic (not inherited), the origin(s) of sporadic neurodegeneration remain undetermined. We have designed this course to recognize and evaluate the current hypotheses surrounding sporadic pathogenesis. Gene candidates, including several recently revealed through Whole Genome Analyses (WGA), that are common and distinct between sporadic and familial diseases will be presented. Putative susceptibility factors for sporadic diseases, such as environmental insults and epigenetic alterations, will be described in the context of epidemiological analysis and experimental biology. We will bring together a panel of expert neuroscientists to dissertate on the future direction of neurodegenerative disease research, with a focus on advancing novel and appropriate therapies for both sporadic and familial diseases.

This program facilitates the full engagement of junior investigators (students, post-docs, fellows, technicians, instructors and lecturers) by offering ample opportunities for networking, interacting with senior faculty and discussing mutual research and clinical interests. The Angel Fund Junior Investigator Awards will be given to the lead authors of the most outstanding poster abstracts adjudicated by an expert panel.