Two days until early booking deadlines end for IRBD 2009

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Two days until early booking deadlines end for IRBD 2009

The International Review of
Bipolar Disorders
6 - 8 May 2009
Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
Chairperson: Prof Maria-Luisa Figueira


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Book now to take advantage of early booking discounts and you could save up to 20% on your place.

Early booking rates end after 13 March 2009 so ensure you book
NOW to take advantage of these LOW rates.

Click here to book your place.

Discounted rates are available for psychologists, PHD students (with no additional income), 1st year interns and undergraduate medical students.

The IRBD Secretariat is pleased to help National Marketing Companies with their group registrations and offers additional services and benefits to groups over 10 individuals. E-mail Madeleine Steele on for more information.



The conference will cover the following key topics:


Treatment Response & Compliance
Gender Issues
Community, Religion and Ethics
Family / Psychosocial / Advocacy
Adolescence and Children
Biological Clocks / Rhythms
Lifespan and Suicidality
Impulsivity, Hormones and Mood
Genetics and Neurophysiology
Genetic Testing - Right or Wrong?

Click here to view the draft programme



Attend IRBD 2009 to:

Hear from leading experts

Be updated on clinical aspects of Bipolar Disorders and hear about developments over the past twelve months

The draft list of speakers for 2009 includes the following:


Prof J. Angst (CH)
Dr A. Andreazza (CA)
Prof H. Akiskal (US)
Dr M. Bauer (DE)
Prof F. Benazzi (US)
Prof D. Blackwood (UK)
Dr S. Brissos (PG)
Dr J. Cookson (UK)
Prof J. Deltito (US)
Dr A. Erfurth (AT)
Dr G. Faedda (US)
Prof M-L. Figueira (PG)
Dr K. Fountoulakis (G)
Dr B. N. Frey (CA)
Dr A. Gonazalez Pinto (E)
Dr E. Hantouche (F)
Prof K. Jamison (US)
Prof F. Kapczinski (BR)
Prof E. Karam (L)
Dr M. Kauer-Sant'Anna (BR)
Prof J. Kelsoe (US)
Dr V. Koppelaar (NL)
Dr A. Koukopoulos (I)

Dr Lesperance (CA)
Prof J Lopez-Ibor (E)
Dr A. Martinez-Aran (E)
Dr R. McCarthy (US)
Prof J. McCombs (US)
B. McGraw (US)
Dr E. Michalak (CA)
Dr K. Ødegaard (N)
Dr G. Perugi (I)
Dr Pinto (BRA)
Dr M. Reinares (E)
Prof Z. Rihmer (H)
Dr G. Saccone Mithieux (NL)
Dr R. D'Souza (AUS)
Dr A. T. Spijker (NL)
Prof A. Swann (US)
Dr V. Syrstad (N)
Prof M. Tohen (US)
Prof E. Vieta (E)
Dr E. Weller (US)
Prof A. Young (CA)
Dr E. Youngstrom (US) 

To view the draft conference programme click here.


Click here to register for IRBD 2009 and guarantee your place at the world's largest annual bipolar disorders conference.