Workshop in Psychoses

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Workshop in Psychoses

15th Biennial Winter Workshop in Psychoses 
formerly the Winter Workshop in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

15 - 18 November 2009
Co-chairs: Prof Bernd Gallhofer (D) & Prof Eduard Vieta (E) 

Conference Announcement


Call for Programme Submissions

The conference secretariat is inviting submissions for the 15th Biennial Winter Workshop in Psychoses. Individuals and organisations are invited to submit poster and workshop abstracts for consideration by the Winter Workshop committee.
The Winter Workshop in Psychoses covers presentations on all aspects of the Psychoses including:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Drug-Induced Psychoses
  • Neuro-Psychiatric Psychoses
  • Neuropsychopharmacology

Within those subjects, the organizers welcome the submission of abstracts across the following spectrum of topics:

  • Aetiology
  • Genetics
  • Mechanisms of action
  • Pathophysiology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Pharmacological treatment
  • Psychological and cognitive therapies
  • Nosology
  • Phenomenology
  • Functional and structural imaging
  • Historical aspects
  • Diagnosis
  • Neuropathology
  • Symptoms and clinical management

We are also considering creativity, schizotypy, and social aspects. A case can be made by submitters to further widen the congress framework by submitting abstracts on other subjects.

To find out more about the submissions process or to submit an abstract click here.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 29 May 2009




Features of the New Winter Workshop in Psychoses

  • Programme driven by Advisory panel with Delegate Input
  • Cutting edge science through a variety of media - plenaries, poster tracks, workshops and debates
  • Expanded range of topics
  • Single Track Meeting
  • The only international meeting focusing on Psychoses in 2009
  • Online Discussion forum allows the delegates to contribute to the programme
  • >400 posters anticipated
  • Strong and diverse, and more importantly, a truly Global Advisory Panel
  • Not-for-profit meeting without links to any society - donations go to charitable medical causes
  • A long history and tradition of excellent quality meetings
  • Young Scientists encouraged to participate


Call for registrations

Book now to save up to 45% on full price delegate rates

Early booking discounts are now available for the conference.

Delegate rates are categorised by country income offering discounted rates to delegates from lower income countries.

Discounted rates are also offered for PHD students and young researchers who are not employed in a salaried clinical position.

Book before 10 April 2009 to receive early booking discounts

Click here to view delegate rates and book your place.



International Scientific Advisory Panel

The International Scientific Advisory Panel (in alphabetical order) consists of:

Dr K Abel (UK)
Dr M Agius (UK)
Prof H Akiskal (US)
Dr C Altamura (I)
Prof N Andreasen (US)
Prof O Andreassen (Nw)
Prof J Angst (Ch)
Prof C Arango (E)
Dr A Bhand (PK)
Dr M Bernardo (E)
Prof D Blackwood (UK)
Prof M Buchsbaum (US)
Dr P Buckley (US)
Prof F Canas (E)
Prof M Charles (UK)
Prof F Colom (E)
Dr C Corcoran (US)
Prof J Deltito (US)
Prof C Dickey (US)
Dr R D'Souza (Aus)
Prof S Dollfus (F)
Prof H Engels (DE)
Prof A Erfurth (AT)
Prof I Everall (US)
Prof L Farde (SE)
Prof N Ferrier (UK)
Prof M-L Figueira (Pg)
Prof G Gambassi (IT)
Prof R Ganguli (CA)
Prof S Goldstein Ferber (IS)
Prof A Gonzalez-Pinto (E)
Prof M Gossop (UK)
Prof H Grunze (UK)
Prof E Hayden (CA)
Prof B Ho (US)
Prof G Innocenti (Sw)
Dr A Javed (Pak)
Prof I Jones (US)
Prof E Joyce (UK)

Dr B Kirkpatrick (US)
Prof O Lapshin (Rus)
Prof S Lawrie (UK)
Prof M Leboyer (F)
Prof R Linscott (NZ)
Prof A Malla (Cdn)
Prof P McGuire (UK)
Prof A Martinez-Aran (E)
Prof P McKenna (UK)
Prof I Melle (NO)
Prof A Meyer-Lindenberg (D)
Prof R Murray (UK)
Prof A Niculescu III (GR)
Prof D Osser (US)
Prof P Paez
Prof A Pentaraki (UK)
Dr G Perugi (I)
Prof D Rajescu (US)
Prof E Richelson (US)
Prof R Roberts (US)
Dr J Schwabe (D)
Prof C Smith (US)
Prof R Strous (IS)
Prof A Swann (US)
Prof V Syrstad (NO)
Prof J THakore (IE)
Prof F Thibaut (F)
Prof M Tohen (US)
Prof M Travis (US)
Prof P Udomratn (Th)
Prof M Warrier (Ind)
Prof D Weintraub (US)
Prof A Weizman (IS)
Prof P Woodruffe (UK)
Prof A Young (Cdn)

Honorary Advisors
Prof S Kasper (A)
Prof M Trimble (UK)


New website

Visit the website:

  • For more information on the Programme Topics, Advisory Panel or Barcelona
  • To submit a Session/Oral Poster Presentation/Poster
  • To contribute to the programme development through the On-line Discussion Forum




Further information

For further information about the Winter Workshop in Psychoses please contact the organising team:

Russ Pendleton (Conference Director)
Madeleine Steele (Conference Manager)
Jane Wicks (Business Development Director)

T: +44 20 8878 8289