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July 6 - 19, 2005
Application Deadline: May 13, 2005

Recent progress in genetics, developmental neurobiology and systems neuroscience presents unprecedented opportunity to study the biological basis of this class of elusive diseases. This two week workshop will address four main broad themes: clinical descriptions of schizophrenia & related disorders and current treatments; emerging clues from genetics & genomics of psychiatric disorders; current perspectives in brain development; and neuroanatomy and [mal]function of circuits and networks. Discussion of the four themes will be led by moderators, who will have individual responsibility for the inidvidual workshop sections. The workshop will include two seminars per day (morning and late afternoon/evening) though some days may feature one or three talks depending on topic. Afternoon and evening free-time will be set aside for reading, informal discussions poolside, on the beach or over drinks. Modules, moderators and speakers include:

Clinical Background: History, Symptoms/Phenotypes, Treatments (Lieberman)
Genetics, Genomics, and Epigenetics (Harrison/Weinberger)
Development and Function of Neural Circuits (Huang)
Neural Systems, Cognition, and Psychosis (Lisman)

Workshop Discussants/Speakers
Curtis Bell, Neurological Sciences Institute
David Cox, Perlegen Sciences, Inc (tentative)
Joseph Coyle, Harvard University
Douglas Falls, Emory University
Judith Ford, Yale University
Michael Frank, University of Colorado
Terry Goldberg, National Institute of Mental Health
Ralph Greenspan, The Neurosciences Institute
Stephan Heckers, Harvard University / MGH
Daniel Javitt, Nathan Kline Institute
Peter Jones, University of Cambridge, UK
Shitij Kapur, University of Toronto
Maria Karayiorgou, Rockefeller University
Amar Klar, National Cancer Institute - Frederick
Marc Laruelle, Columbia University
Pat Levitt, Vanderbilt University
David Lewis, University of Pittsburgh
Daniel Mathalon, Yale University
Phillip McGuire, Institute of Psychiatry
Ronald McKay, National Institutes of Health
Steven McKnight, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Earl Miller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Karoly Mirnics, University of Pittsburgh
P O'Donnell, Albany Medical College
Michael O'Donovan, University of Cardiff, UK
Art Petronis, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada
David Porteous, University of Edinburgh, UK
Pasko Rakic, Yale University School of Medicine
Trevor Robbins, University of Cambridge, UK
Lorna Role, Columbia University
Jonathan Sebat/Michael Wigler, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Sukhi Shergill, Kings College London, UK
David Skuse, University College London, UK
Richard Straub, National Institutes of Health
Christopher Walsh, HHMI/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Please note that selection criteria for attendance at the workshop will be similar to that for regular Cold Spring Harbor courses. Limited financial support is available but will not influence the selection process. Workshop students are expected to stay for the duration of the course. The workshop will begin on the morning of July 6 (students are encouraged to arrive on the afternoon or evening of July 5) and end by lunchtime on July 19. The workshop will be held at the Laboratorys Banbury Conference Center located on the north shore of Long Island. All participants stay in easy walk of the Center, close to tennis court, pool and private beach.

Supported with funds provided by the Oliver Grace Fund

Cost (including board and lodging): $2,415
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