Materia Balance question

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Materia Balance question

Production of recombinant protein by genetically-engineering strain of E.coli is proportional to cell growth. Ammonia is used as sole nitrogen scource during growth on glucose. The recombinant protein has an overall formula CH1.55O0.31N0.25, and the cell biomass formula is CH1.77O0.49N0.24. The yield of cell biomass from glucose is measured at 0.48g g-1; the yield of recombinant protein from glucose is 20% that for cell biomass. When 10kg of glucose is consumed, Calculate
1)      The total mass of ammonia (NH3) required?
2)      The total moles of oxygen (O2) required?
3)      The masses of ammonia and oxygen (in kg) required for wild type E.coli which is not able to synthesize recombinant protein if the cell biomass yield remains at 0.48g g-1?